Why Nuclear Galaxy?

What does Nuclear Galaxy mean? Let’s look at the lesser known definitions of these words. The term ‘nuclear’ can be used to describe the core or center of something. ‘Galaxy’ can also mean a large group of impressive things or people.

When you combine these words in reference to a publishing house, what we really mean is that we are all about you. You have created an incredible product that you want to share with the world, which makes you an impressive person. You are nuclear because you will be at the center of our attention as we make your publishing dreams come true.

Why Self Publishing?

In our digital age, it has become easier than ever to get your writing out into the world. In previous years when traditional publishing houses were all that existed, authors would go through years of rejection letters, often to never see their work published at all. While publishing houses can be very exclusive to ensure they choose quality work that will bring them a profit, sometimes they reject some of the world’s best authors. Some of the most currently popular books (and even movies/TV shows) began with authors choosing to self publish.

Other than the obvious benefit of getting your work into the public’s hands, self publishing allows you much more freedom than a traditional publishing house.

Think of Nuclear Galaxy Publishing as the sweet spot crossroads between these two options. You will get the benefit of us taking care of the editing, formatting and publishing for you, while also still maintaining the rights to your work.

Where will my book be sold?

Your book will be available on Amazon, both in paperback print and eBook form (if you so choose, you can pick both or either of these options). You will also be able to order author copies of your book for only the printing price if you would like to sell some of your own copies as well.

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